Fez Awan @FezAwan three times kidney transplant recipient and Organ Donation Ambassador based in UK.

One of the kidney transplants Fez received was...View Details

Meet Anel and Juan. Their family life has been impacted by kidney disease. Anel is the post-transplant kidney patient 24 years strong!   

Weekly discussion with Renal Dietitian🙋🏻‍♀️ Mathea Ford @renaldiethq about Kidney Disease Management and Kidney Failure Prevention on IG @renalmateTod...View Details

The educational session with registered renal dietitian discussing blood pressure management:Doctors call high blood pressure “silent killer” as the h...View Details

Join weekly Talk on " Kidney Disease and Steps to Help You Avoid Dialysis":TODAY'S TOPIC: “Low-Protein Diet For CKD for pre-dialysis” with Renal Dieti...View Details

Meet Shima Fazelimanesh, Clinical Renal Dietitian specializing in Renal Diet, Bariatric and Diabetes management IG @rebel_nutrition_therapyShima share...View Details

Leila ( IG @Leila_Hope)  received a shocking diagnosis of kidney failure at ER room where she went to checked on her blurry vision ... She was only 27...View Details

What made you to become kidney organ donor?  Meet Shawna Robinson, blood and pallets and kidney organ donor to Marc Coronel.  Shawna Robinson and Marc...View Details

Kellsey Reed, RD shares the importance addressing kidney disease management through the diet interventions in the earlier stages of CKD. Kellsey have ...View Details

Discussion with Leila & Jovan about physical health and consistent exercise with its importance managing quality of life for kidney patients.    ...View Details

Calah is a passionate and active advocate shares the awareness about early diagnosis of kidney disease,  gaining fighter mentality to overcome the har...View Details

Search for a kidney organ donor is an emotional and challenging process that requires learning new ways to speak about personal illness and daily stru...View Details

She faced many challenges and hardness being diagnosed with Lupus and Lupus Nephritis, which went after her kidneys and caused Renal Failure.


...View Details

Jovan and Leila Show addresses the importance of positive body-image for kidney disease patients. For many renal and dialysis patients such as Jovan (...View Details

Conversation with Alicia about her personal experiences with Lupus and CKD diagnosis. Hope this conversation can empower anyone who has been recently ...View Details

Part Two of the introduction of two new Co-Hosts.  " Relationship, Self-Love and Body Positivity can be really challenging to anyone who is facing chr...View Details

Meet Jess Peniazek she is the SUPER MOM & LIVING KIDNEY DONOR to her son Noah.


Her son Noah was born via emergency c-section. He went a lo...View Details

Jovan Pulido, ESRD patient based in Merced, CA. Jovan was born with kidney disease, through his lifetime he has received two kidney transplants, over...View Details

Relationship, Self-Love and Body Positivity can be really challenging to anyone who is facing chronic illness! This Show is dedicated to facilitating ...View Details

Nicole DeMasi, Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator specializing in diabetes, kidney disease management using the plant based diet app...View Details

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