Jen Hernandez, registered dietitian since 2012 who has worked the majority of her RD life in the renal world. She has been in 3 different states in dialysis clinics. Also Jen worked with the NKF to provide kidney screenings and education to the community.
She is a board-certified renal dietitian.
Join the podcast to learn more about renal diet management and the success stories of the renal patients who worked with Jen Hernandez on their diets.
Jen's Mission:
"To simplify the nutritional needs for individuals with chronic kidney disease, and to decrease the prevalence of kidney disease by providing nutrition education including realistic and wholesome lifestyle changes.
I help those with chronic kidney disease find their best kidney-friendly diet so that they can spend less time stressing over keeping their kidney function and get more control of their life! "
Annotation of the podcast timeline:
[ 7min 20sec ] - learn about renal diet industry insights from Jen's perspective
[ 14 min 22sec ] - hear more about renal patients success stories
[ 31 min 07 sec] - learn about protein intake; albumin, inflammation and anemia management with renal diet
[ 44 min 20 sec ] - significance of support system for renal patients
[ 47min 44 sec ] - home isolation and renal diet tips
[ 50 min 27 sec ] - Jen's link to follow up
The Series of the renal interviews with kidney patients, organ donors and healthy care community. 
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